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Death Star

Using mixed reality to step into Star Wars.

I built a mixed-reality website with help from AI.


I wanted to build an immersive experience that layered virtual elements on top of the real world and kept me present in my space, hoping to explore and learn about how brands and businesses might build something similar.

So I imagined stepping into a scene from the first Star Wars film, and I added a contemporary twist: what might it have been like to dial-in to the meeting the Rebels Alliance has before they take down the Death Star?

Combining 3D objects, video, and interactivity, I hacked together a version of what that might have been like—watching the meeting play out in video while examining a 3D model of the meeting's objective.


But my basic html/js skills weren't enough to realize my vision. That's when I decided to ask Chat-GPT to do it for me.

I asked, nay demanded Chat-GPT create hand-tracked video controls for me and it did. Their code wasn't immediately perfect, we had to try a few different versions, but eventually it did write something that worked and that I couldn't have written on my own. 

If you've got a Quest 2 or Pro, take a minute and dial in:
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