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Spatial Fusion:
Mixed Reality for Meta Quest 

A first-ever mixed reality experience built for Meta Quest.

I led a global creative team that built a first-ever mixed reality experience for the launch of Meta's Quest Pro VR headset. Working closely with an internal product team, we devised a narrative-based mixed reality experience that demonstrates the potential of Meta's new hardware and software. XR Design studio Phoria brought our vision to life as we explored an entirely new creative space and learned a ton along the way. 


Concept art developed with Phoria

We built the experience to demonstrate three MR superpowers built by Meta product teams: color passthrough, plane detection and spatial anchoring. Throughout Spatial Fusion, users will be surrounded by virtual objects while seeing the real world around them in full color, and they'll see those virtual objects bounce off of their real walls and furniture.

In my role as creative lead, I was responsible for identifying the creative opportunity and generating a creative brief, managing a global team of creatives, working with our product stakeholders to align on the creative idea, and leading creative production with our vendor, eventually producing the experience and all marketing materials for release.

And while mixed reality is great for people with Quest headsets, it's crucial to create versions of the experience that work on any screen, anywhere. That's why we built different versions of the experience that can be accessed at the same URL, and building this project on the web means that an optimized version of the experience can be delivered to any web browser.

At Meta's Creative Shop, building breakthrough work was just the first half of the story. It was equally important to express the creative value of a project and inspire the industry to create bigger and better work for brands and businesses. 

After Spatial Fusion launched, we unpacked our process and the creative opportunity for brands and businesses. Building mixed reality experiences on the web presents the creative community with a powerful, open canvas for ideas.

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