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AR Puzzle
for FB Careers

AR for an audience of geniuses

How do you know what will delight an audience of brilliant software engineers?
You ask them.
We built an inventive AR Effect for a Facebook recruiting campaign, but before we launched we asked current FB engineers what they'd like to see.
Comp 1_5.gif
They overwhelmingly loved the idea of solving a puzzle in AR
Comp 1_6.gif
to accomplish something with innovative tech
and to go beyond the face filter.
So we built The Future Is In Your Hands: 
an AR puzzle game designed to drive applications for FB software engineer roles.
Making use of new hand-tracking capabilities
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 2.44.57 PM.png
we put the virtual game into people's real hands via AR,
driving the most applications in any FB recruiting campaign ever.
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