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An AI weather forecast you call on the phone.

Ever wanted to call AI on your telephone? Me neither, but now you can!

Introducing Hemingweather: A real-time weather forecast written and spoken by an AI version of Ernest Hemingway. And you can call it from any phone.

Just dial (423) 558-2203, enter a US zip code, and you'll hear AI Hemingway read you a real weather forecast. It's a pretty neat trick! Here's how it works:

When you punch in a zip code on your phone, we send those digits to the AccuWeather api and find the forecast for that location. We then send that raw data to ChatGPT who writes it up in a mediocre replica of Hemingway’s style. Those words are sent to OpenAI’s text-to-speech model which makes an audio file of a virtual Hemingway reading it. We then play that audio file through your phone. Voila! And it’s all created from scratch each time in about 5 seconds.

I built Hemingweather to explore the creative potential of text-to-speech AI models, and connections between old and new technologies. I like finding unusual ways to play with AI, and if you grew up in a town with a phone number you could dial for the time and the weather like I did, this might be up your alley. There's also a web version at Hemingweather dot com for folks who've run out of long distance minutes.

Special thanks to Twilio for the phone integration.
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