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AI is making me dumber.
Or maybe it’s just helping me get more dumb ideas out into the world.

Imagine a world in which Juicy Fruit gum tested out a Satanic version of its classic ad jingle. Instead of the water skiing, outdoorsy, Kenny Loggins-lite vibe that we all know from the 80s and 90s, Juicy Fruit went evil: testing out gum-shilling demons and screaming angels of death on the gum-chewing masses.

Up until recently, this would have been just another dumb idea floating around in my head, unable to reach my unsuspecting social media followers. But with AI’s help, I was able to generate high-quality print ads and behind-the-scenes studio photographs of the alternate reality I’d imagined. With a little Photoshop, I put the product into these spectral hands, and carved out a heavy-metal logo for the brand, too (big thanks to co-conspirator Chris Kennedy for art direction guidance on this). Using some copyright-free music and vocal help from a new friend on Fiverr, this idiotic idea became a reality.

Why did I do this? I don’t know, really. It’s just a lot of fun to have an entire creative studio on my laptop, ready to crank out my dumb ideas any time I want. And it’s a great way to get my creative process together in this new AI-enabled world—making it super easy to act quickly when brands and agencies ask me for my help generating not-so-dumb ideas that drive real results for their business.

Thanks for watching, and I hope I’ve made you all just a little bit dumber.

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