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Using AI to generate the future.

What if LeBron plays until he's 100?
I built to find out.
It's a website that projects the career of LeBron James if he plays for another 60 years. Already one of the most prolific and durable players in basketball history, LeBron shows no signs of slowing down at 39 years old and is actually planning to play on an NBA team with his oldest son in the next few years. If anyone could play to 100, it's LeBron.

So with AI's help, I built to see what 100 years of LeBron might actually be like. Chat GPT and I analyzed his career stats and put together some math on how the rest of his career might play out until he turns 100 in 2084. And then we built a simple web interface because people like sliding things around on their phones.

This is yet another fun project that uses real-world data as the starting point for some imaginative generative AI. The real data serves as a springboard for some imaginary fun, generating something that somehow feels almost plausible.

I started by tracking down a real dataset of LeBron's stats, then worked with G to find trends in his stats over the years. We put together a formula that gave us stats-per-minute, projected the amount of minutes he would play as he got older, added some math to factor in a gradual physical decline, and projected how his playing style might evolve as he got older. We then exported those stats to a .csv file, hosted that on a server and pulled in the data into elements on a website. Voila!
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