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First Steps Into the Metaverse creative narrative

Articulating the value of an emerging creative frontier.

In early 2022, I led a team building Creative Shop’s “First Steps Into the Metaverse” creative POV, a dynamic document that illuminates the creative opportunities of the emerging metaverse and guides businesses and creative agencies toward the steps they can take today that will prepare them for the future.


As a Product Lead for Meta's emerging platforms, it was essential to express the value in our new spaces for the creative community. In building a document like this, I bring the experience of presenting creative ideas to audiences big and small; an intimate knowledge of Meta's products gathered from using them everyday and even building them from the ground up with product teams; and an enthusiasm for sharing the creative potential of sometimes complex creative landscapes.

This deck is used by 300+ Meta Creative Shop members as they build work with their advertising partners all around the world, and will guide the thinking of businesses worldwide.


I bring a conceptual creative approach to everything I do—not just ads.

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