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Ad Campaigns

I've been lucky to be a part of creative departments at ad agencies and in tech. Here's a selection of ads from my time at ad agencies and Facebook/Instagram/Meta:

A pioneering, award-winning personalization-at-scale video campaign for Toyota:

A groundbreaking campaign for Heineken & Tecate built on deep platform insights:

An award-winning interactive ad for Honda; hacked a gaming ad into storytelling:

A global TV campaign with one of the world's biggest movie stars:

A genre-busting, audience-building TV campaign with one of the world's most talented artists:

The first TV spot for a culture-defining brand with a generational athlete:

The first Instagram ads for the Star Wars franchise, built for women with platform-specific insights:

A results-driving AR ad campaign for Meta:

The first-ever ad campaign to build over 1,000 videos tailored to their audience's interests:

We turned over this TV spot to a bunch of kids:


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