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Convert your text into Shakespeare.

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Shakespearean Output:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec risus urna, pharetra quis gravida sagittis, commodo id lorem. Cras sed nunc nibh. Cras vehicula dapibus mi, quis sodales ipsum iaculis ut. Fusce sed ullamcorper lacus, at dignissim massa. Integer dapibus scelerisque metus, blandit tincidunt elit maximus consectetur. Maecenas sit amet auctor arcu. Curabitur eget gravida augue. Integer massa enim, facilisis.

'Tis my hope that thou didst find joy in this translator. Take care to bear in mind that each translation doth cost a trifling sum of money. If thou dost wish to give a donation, click forth below, oh noble one!

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