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Exploring an entirely new space.

We made a mixed reality experience for Meta Connect.
We built it to explore the future of mixed reality for brands and businesses.
Comp 1.gif
It's literally the first web-based mixed reality  experience on a Meta Quest Pro headset.
Comp 1_2.gif
We got to figure out lots of new tech
Comp 1_1.gif
and imagine how the world might use these new tools
Comp 1_3.gif
to create something that demonstrates the creative potential of MR on the web.
So we built Spatial Fusion: 
your chance to harness the power of fusion energy and save a spacecraft in distress, repair a tear in the spatial fabric of the universe, and restore order to the cosmos.
You can get your virtual hands on it at
Comp 1_4.gif
We built mobile and desktop versions, too, so everyone can take a look.
Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.14.08 PM.png
Because the metaverse is way more than just VR.
Update March, 2023: Spatial Fusion wins two Poly Awards for Best XR Experience.
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