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A destructive new way to discover music you'll love.

Discovering new music used to be a lot more fun.
What if we could build an immersive experience that made music discovery tactile and social?
Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 4.04.44 PM.png
I was invited to Meta's first-ever Presence Platform Hackathon to explore the creative potential of Mixed Reality on Quest VR headsets.

Mixed Reality is a bit like fully-immersive AR: wearing a Quest headset, you can see and hear the world around you while you interact with virtual objects. We wanted to build an experience that starts in the real world, but adds a virtual layer that allows people to step out of it.
I created a complete design system for the experience, making bespoke illustrated assets for all of the 3D objects in the scene.
In the experience, you can listen to virtual vinyl records. If you like a song, you can keep it and save it to a playlist. If you hate it, you can throw it against a wall and smash it into 1,000 pieces.

This simple interaction came from the realization that finding new music used to be a lot more fun. Making mix tapes, burning CDs, or flipping through LPs at a record store—these formerly social activities are now algorithmic utilities, done alone on a 2D screen. But what if we could use the immersive tools of mixed reality to make a more fun and social music experience? 
Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 4.05.32 PM.png
If you're like me, you find the potential of immersive experiences to be really interesting, but struggle to find something you actually want to do in a headset.

I hope that the VR and Mixed Reality worlds head toward experiences like this one–fun and simple interactions that blend the real and the virtual, adding a layer of un-real magic to the world.

And as someone who thinks about how brands and businesses can play in the Metaverse (no, it's not going away any time soon), I love leading the way with this kind of work.
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